Sunday, February 27, 2011

life in campus Ipis

To become a teacher, that was is what  I dream for since I was in primary schools as I realize this career is so noble, challenging and full with sacrificing. Now, the dream seems to get closer to me and I believe I will become true. I am studying in Islamic Education Campus of Teacher Training Institute or famously we call MPI or IPIS. I am having a new life here. Perhaps, this new experience is going to be a platform to make me dream as a reality. Life in this campus which are the student are being polished to be independent and the studies are also divided into two part, these are academic and extra co-curricular syllabus. Life in IPIS is also great as I learn the Islamic way of mixing between boys and girls,well behaving and the values of cooperation.

            Now I will tell you about how student are being independent. Well, firstly I not very shocked about this because I have been accustomed with this condition. No matter what, all of the students in another institute and universities are also being independent to survive in their life. For the students who are not rarely to manage their selves are quite difficult to them. For example they have to wash their clothes by their selves, they have to iron it, they  have to serve their breakfast and many more. To me, it is not so difficult to live here for now. Before this, for the first semester, we who the foundation students are not allowed to bring vehicles into this campus. That is because (according to the Student Affair Department of this institute) there was no parking for foundation student’s vehicles. We are not very satisfied with that result. So we are tending to the department to give permission for us to bring our own vehicles. It was so hard for us to go out especially at night for our dinner. For the whole of the semester we tried harder to achieve our goals that to bring our vehicles. But that was destined by Allah; we were not success in that time. But we were not despair to try it again. Students also being punished in doing the assignment. We have to find and gather the materials, information and all the resources to do our assignment. We always scolded by our lecturers that was not satisfied with our assignment. But we know that we are studying for new thing and new life, that we must to accustomed.

            Let’s talk about the studies that we have here. The studies are divided into two parts, academic and co-curricular studies. We have many language studies courses such as Arabic language, English and bahasa Malaysia studies . We also have religion studies that many number of students in here study in that course is Islamic studies. We also have the physical education, pre-school studies and the remedial studies. All that are in academic. So, lets me introduce the co-curricular studies. Every semester for foundation student, we are required to lead a different game. There are many types of games that we have to undergo such as hockey, football, badminton, bowling, petanque and many more. Every class has been set for a game. Some class got same game, otherwise maybe got another game. Doesn’t matter what we are liked or unlike the game, we must go on with it because it is a part of our credit and pointers. For senior, they studies is much different with our studies. What I know is they have pedagogics, the education learning and many more. They also have co-curricular activities such as the scout, the Red Crescent, young cadet school and many more. But they are more study than us. So, this institute has two parts of studies.

            In this institute, we also have a great socializing environment. Islam teach us the ways how to mixing in the right ways between boys and girls. So, here we have that in this institute. We have to restrict way of mixing between boys and girls in order to prevent the negative socializing problem that have been infect to our community. So, as a teacher-to-be we must teach ourselves in the right socializing, and how to bring our community to the right path. If we are already involved in the social ill problem, how we can lead our community to the right path of life in which has been stated as one of the responsibilities as a Muslim. When a boy wants to have a study discussion group with a girl, they have to do it in public. So that people do not think negatively about them. That why Islam teaches it believers to take care themselves and their social.

            Well- behaving is a behavior that shows the good identity of the person. A person who is well-behaving will know the good way to take care of himself and tries to practices the manner in his daily life.  So, in this campus we are trying to change our manner slowly. As a teacher-to-be we must have well- behaving before us steps into the world of society that full of tribulation. In this institute, we practice the 5‘s’ in our society. The first‘s’ is “salam” means that every students have to greet another students when they meet each other. The second‘s’ is “senyum” means that the students must smile to other students after greet them. The third‘s’ is “sapa”. When meet, the students must greet others no matters they are stuffs, lecturers and the cleaners. The fourth‘s’ is “sopan”. The students must behave be polite to the others.  The last one is “santun”. It is also about the polite. So, this campus wants to create a environment with as we call it “biah solehah”.  That why we must have a good behavior.

            Cooperation is the ways of this campus keeps this good environment. These co operations are between JPP and students, lecturers and students, staffs and students and juniors and seniors among the students. When these condition are in good, all the works will be easily to be done. If this co operation are bad and have problems, it will leads to disintegration of this institute. So, we should keep this every time. Co operation is very important.

So that is for today.  I that we can keep all the main things, that’s the academic and co curricular achievement, the five ‘s’ principles and our manner to keep our institute image is clean from any defamation. Those are our responsibility and automatically keep the Islam’s image forever

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 wasiat yang perlu diamalkan

1) Segera menyahut solat

2)bacalah al-Quran
3)kuasailah bacaan Al-Quran

4)janganlah saudara memperbanyakkan perdebatan

5)janganlah memperbanyakkan ketawa.....

6)jangan terlalu banyak gurauan....

7)janganlah meninggikan suaramu

8)janganlah mengumpat temanmu....


10)kewajipan adalah lebih baik dari waktu......maka tolonglah sahabat-sahabatmu semasa dia dalam kesusahan...

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